We used to have all our menus available on our website, but the truth is that we can’t do this any more because we have lots of different menus and are constantly trying new things and adding new dishes. We don’t like disappointing people when they arrive expecting something in particular and it’s no longer available. Making you sad makes us sad.

So if you would like to know what’s on today’s menu, please give us a call on 01352 759890 or email us at and we will send it to you.

You can ask for details about any of our of menus including:

  • Our A la Carte menu, available every day Monday to Saturday 12 – 9pm.
  • Our Sandwich Menu available during the day Monday to Saturday.
  • Our Taster Menu offering slightly smaller  versions of some of the classic dishes from our main menu, which is available Monday to Thursday 12 noon – 7pm, Friday 12 noon – 4pm.
  • We also have gluten-free variations on both our A la Carte and sandwich menu.
  • A range of delicious vegetarian and vegan options on all our menus.
  • As well as daily specials every day and Sunday roasts on, unsurprisingly, Sundays!